Libra Chemicals

Libra Speciality Chemicals Ltd manufactures and distributes a wide range of speciality products to service the many industrial, personal care and household care requirements of our customers.

Products include amphoteric, non-ionic, anionic and speciality surfactants, phosphate esters and a whole array of speciality chemicals in liquid, emulsion and powder form. The company also provides an exceptional bespoke contract manufacturing capability used by a wide variety of customers.

Our 2.1 hectare manufacturing facility is located in Manchester, UK, and is very well placed for international transportation links to our global customer base. Visit Libra Chemicals.

Matrix Chemie

Matrix Chemie Ltd specialises in the global sourcing & distribution of chemicals for the Personal Care, Household Care and Industrial sectors and we actively promote the sale of our products across all continents.

Products include antiperspirant actives, self emulsifying waxes, UV absorbers, surfactants, pearlisers, optical brighteners, rheology modifiers, disinfectant concentrates, water treatment and paper industry chemicals.

We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding our clients requirements and expectations. We play an important role in ensuring our customers maintain their productivity and profitability by offering high quality products delivered on time, anywhere in the world. Visit Matrix Chemie.

SCS Formulate