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Chemistry Corner: Detergency

Detergency is defined as the ‘cleansing quality/power’ in a process that involves water and energy (mechanical or thermal). Detergent surfactants are water-soluble cleansing assistants that combine with impurities and dirt to make them more soluble and differs from soap in not forming a scum with the salts in hard water. Energy is required to facilitate the removal of dirt from a surface, therefore the role of surfactants is to reduce the energy required to achieve cleaning. Read More

Chemistry Corner – Foaming

A foam is produced by the distribution of a gas in a liquid. Without a surfactant to stabilise the foam, the liquid and gas would quickly separate causing the foam to collapse. This is primarily caused by drainage of liquid within the film, which causes thinning and the eventual collapse of the foam. Surfactants therefore act at the liquid, gas, or solid gas interface to stabilise foam to reduce surface tension.   Read More

Chemistry Corner – Wetting

Wetting is the ability of a liquid droplet to spread over a surface. Wetting agents are also known as surfactants – surface active agents.

Wetting agents are substances that reduce the surface tension of water to allow it to spread droplets onto a surface, increasing the abilities of a liquid. Lowering the surface tension lowers the energy required to spread droplets onto a film, thus weakening the cohesive properties of the liquid and strengthening its adhesive properties, increasing its penetrating, and spreading qualities through previously water repellent surfaces. Read More

Libraphos Range: Phosphate Esters

The Libraphos range is a series of phosphate esters; typically, 100% active anionic surfactants, suitable for use in a wide range of applicants and industries including metal working, textiles, detergents, and agriculture. They have properties that lie between ethoxylated non-ionics and sulphated surfactants.  They have good compatibility with inorganic builders, good emulsifying properties and a foaming capacity between low foaming non-ionics and high foaming ether sulphates. Read More

Network with Libra Speciality Chemicals at Sepawa Congress Virtual 2021

On the 13th – 15th October, Libra Speciality Chemicals will be exhibiting virtually at Sepawa Congress Virtual 2021. The annual Sepawa Congress is the most significant meeting point of the detergents/cleansers, cosmetics and fragrance industry in Europe. Covid-19 has already had a significant impact on our industry, supply chain and networking abilities so any opportunity to network on an international scale is welcomed with open arms. Read More

Why ‘Green Chemistry’ is a Term We All Need to Familiarise Ourselves With

Sustainability is a word that all of us are familiar with. But why is it so important within our industry?

With the ever-looming threat of the environmental damage to our planet becoming increasingly irreversible unless we act immediately, it is vital that we all look at production from a sustainable point of view. The need for long term change is more pertinent than ever before. Read More

Librateric CAB 50: Cocamidopropyl Betaine

Librateric CAB 50 is a high active (38%) grade of Cocamidopropyl Betaine. Cocamidopropyl Betaine possesses exceptionally low odour and low colour qualities.

Our CAB 50 is around 25% more concentrated than standard betaine, which makes it hostile to microbial growth, therefore eliminating the need for a preservative. Furthermore, Librateric CAB 50 provides exceptional viscosity building and foam boosting to anionic based cleansers. Read More