Progress update: New hardware installation on our Irlam, UK plant to produce novel low salt betaine products.

Why are we installing this technology at Libra?

The systems being installed are designed to reduce sodium chloride (salt) content in betaines down from 5-6% to less than 0.5%. At < 0.5% sodium chloride, this is just 10% of the level in standard betaine which means that it is possible to increase the betaine level significantly in your formulation. Read More

Libranox AO10

Libranox AO10 is a C10 amine oxide and is a colourless liquid. This amine oxide can be supplied as a 30% active (Libranox AO10-30) or as a 40% active (Libranox AO10-40). It provides detergency with low to moderate foaming properties. It is compatible with most surfactants and provides viscosity control, foam boosting and excellent grease cutting in liquid dish wash formulations. Libranox AO10 exhibits synergistic effects when formulated into anionic / non-ionic surfactant systems. Libranox AO10 is stable in acidic or alkaline conditions and as a result can be formulated into high alkaline cleaners, hard surface cleaners and acid cleaners. Read More

Chemistry Corner – Emulsification & Dispersion

What is Emulsification?

Emulsification is the distribution (or dispersion) of one incompatible liquid within another. Emulsification undergoes a process of dispersing one liquid (containing the bioactive compounds) in a second immiscible liquid, by applying electrostatic, or hydrophobic, or hydrogen bonding interactions between the bioactive compounds and an encapsulating material. Read More