Libra Speciality Chemicals – Outstanding Young Talent Recognised at the Chemicals Northwest Awards!

Libra Speciality Chemicals are delighted to announce that we have had great success at last night’s Chemicals Northwest Awards! We were overjoyed to see that our International Sales Manager, Anna Holroyd, won the Young Talent in the Chemical Industry Award! Our Marketing Executive, Jacob Wylde, was also “highly commended” for this award. Read More

Libra Speciality Chemicals – Contract & Toll Reaction Facilities

About Contract & Toll

At Libra Speciality Chemicals we aim to provide a total chemical manufacturing and supply solution to meet your company’s needs. Libra can provide a bespoke chemical manufacturing and supply solution service to an extensive range of industries around the globe. We are an official BCMPA member, a UK association for contract and toll manufacturers, meaning we are experts in providing efficient and cost-effective toll manufacturing solutions for businesses. Read More

Libracare – Naturally Derived Non-Ionic Surfactants

About Libracare Alkyl Polyglucosides

The Libracare series are a range of non-ionic surfactants derived from 100% renewable raw materials like fatty alcohols from coconut and palm kernel oils, and glucose from corn. These products are very mild, low in toxicity and readily biodegradable. The synergistic effects of LibraCare series combined with other commonly used surfactants yield a performance improvement that can be the basis for a reduction of surfactant content whilst maintaining performance level. Read More

Kosher Passover Certification at Libra Speciality Chemicals

At Libra Speciality Chemicals we pride ourselves on being adaptable enough to cater to all our customers’ needs. Our formula for success has been, and will continue to be, total customer satisfaction; it is the driving force behind everything we do.

A great example of this is our longstanding Kosher Passover certification. We operate a 55,000-litre reactor that is Kosher Passover certified, allowing us to manufacture Kosher products for global distribution. We enjoy working with BIR Badatz to ensure that all regulations are met in order for our products to be classified as Kosher Passover. Read More