Libradet 40 – A cost-effective solution for the production of superior-quality, lightweight (foamed) concrete mixes

The building industry’s choice of construction and insulation materials is coming under increasing scrutiny due to environmental and safety issues. Concrete certainly offers fire retardancy, but how can you ensure excellent thermal insulation without making compromises in terms of weight or structural integrity? The answer – Libradet 40. Read More

Libranox Amine Oxides: Market-Leading Quality and Value, with World-Class Customer Service

Renowned for their detergency, foam-boosting and foam-stabilising properties, amine oxides are widely used in the cleaning and personal care markets. But with a vast array of these non-ionic surfactants available on the market, what makes the Libranox range from Libra Speciality Chemicals Ltd the top choice for so many of our loyal customers around the world? Read More