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Progress update: New hardware installation on our Irlam, UK plant to produce novel low salt betaine products.

Why are we installing this technology at Libra?

The systems being installed are designed to reduce sodium chloride (salt) content in betaines down from 5-6% to less than 0.5%. At < 0.5% sodium chloride, this is just 10% of the level in standard betaine which means that it is possible to increase the betaine level significantly in your formulation.

The photographs show the footprints and control panels for our very novel desalting technology, which will be fully installed in the coming weeks.

Low salt betaine can become the primary surfactant in sulphate free formulations when SLS/SLES are replaced with the betaine and works really well with non-salt tolerant co-surfactants, such Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate.

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