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Samples of Libra’s Novel Low Salt Betaines are flying out the door!

The latest samples of ultra-low salt betaine are leaving site, on their way to formulators who are itching to get them into their laboratories.

Libra’s latest product range gives formulators great freedom to include betaines at 10 -12% in their products, which results in fabulous efficacy, greater viscosity control, easier processing, and clearer water-white formulations. Read More

Low Salt Betaine: Green Chemistry

At Libra Speciality Chemicals we have undertaken measures to make our manufacturing processes greener in the production of our products. We measure ourselves against the green principles of chemistry; a series of 12 ethical practices used to provide green chemicals into the chemical market. Read More

Libra Speciality Chemicals – Outstanding Young Talent Recognised at the Chemicals Northwest Awards!

Libra Speciality Chemicals are delighted to announce that we have had great success at last night’s Chemicals Northwest Awards! We were overjoyed to see that our International Sales Manager, Anna Holroyd, won the Young Talent in the Chemical Industry Award! Our Marketing Executive, Jacob Wylde, was also “highly commended” for this award. Read More