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100% Renewable Energy – Another Important Part of Our Anti-pollution Campaign

Libra Speciality Chemicals are proud to announce that our business is backed by electricity generated from renewable sources.

At Libra, we have had a longstanding commitment to minimising any negative impacts our operations have on the environment. In addition to our current environmental policy, we can now announce that 100% of our electricity supply from EDF Energy is backed by renewable energy. EDF energy’s renewable electricity options have allowed us to ensure our electricity supply is backed by certified renewable generation sources which all have a zero-emissions rating.

Now that increasingly innovative and cost-effective ways to capture and retain wind and solar energy are available, renewable energy sources have become a more viable power source for our company. At Libra, we have made it our mission to be environmentally friendly in every aspect of our organisation and minimising any negative effect our business has on the environment is extremely important to us.

For more information on our environmental policy, please get in touch with our Regulatory & Quality Officer or visit our website.


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