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Introducing Expac’s New Managing Director Mark Hardy

We’d like to introduce you to Mark.

Mark Hardy, Expac’s new Managing Director has been with us nearly 2 months now. He has come to join us at Expac in sunny Leyland, Lancashire after returning to the UK from living in Phoenix Arizona !

As our new Managing Director he further strengthens the current Expac team who are the proud winners of the 2021 Co-Packer and Fulfilment company of the year award.

When asked what attracted him to join Expac (part of GRI Group Ltd) Mark replied “It was clear to me to see the potential to build on the enormous success the business has had over recent years. GRI Group has provided significant investment since it purchased the company in 2016, so the site can offer greater flexibility, product development and a variety of pack and product formats to help support and grow our customers business.”

When asked if he’s missing the sunshine of Arizona’ Mark replied “With so much enthusiasm and positivity in our teams it feels like the sun is shining every day at Expac ….. Arizona is a distant memory !”

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