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KLK OLEO is one of the world’s leading oleochemical producers that is committed to delivering excellence in the global marketplace.  Kolb is part of the global company KLK OLEO. Integrated along the whole value chain, Kolb offers a wide product range as well as access to all services to better meet customer needs.

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Metal Treatments

  • Imbentin-POA/020 5050                                         Chemical description: POE (2) Cetyl Oleyl Alcohol
  • Hedipin-R/050                                                          Chemical description: Castor Oil with 5 mol EO


  • Hedilub-EM/XX                                                          Chemical description: C16-18 Alkyoxylated Alcohol
  • Imbentin-PAP/6100                                                  Chemical description: EO/PO Block co-polymer

HLB Values and Functionality

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