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Libraquat PQ7: Polyquaternium-7

Libraquat PQ7 is an aqueous solution of a cationic copolymer of diallyldimethylammonium chloride and acrylamide and works well as an excellent cationic conditioner for hair and skin.

Polyquaternium is the International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) designation for several polycationic polymers that are used in the personal care industry. It is especially useful in surfactant-based systems such as shampoo and shower gel and is perfect for use in spray-on, leave-in hair conditioners. It is also used in cosmetic formulations as an antistatic agent, film former, and hair fixative at concentrations typically up to 2%.

Libraquat PQ7 molecules act as a channel to transfer the hair’s static charge to the water molecule. In addition, it will add softness and shine to dry hair. Due to the naturally anionic characteristics of hair the positive charges within PQ7 associate with the negative charge associate to the hair strands that result in smooth, shiny, hair with a glossy finish by drying as a thin film over the hair strands. This invisible film allows hair to hold its shape for longer.  Libraquat PQ7 is also an excellent emollient for skin cleansers. When combined in a liquid hand soap formula, it provides a smooth, silky feel to the hands.

Applications of Libraquat PQ7:






Libraquat PQ7 is available in 25 kg drums, 200kg drums and 1000 kg IBC’s.


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