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New Rebranded Signage Installed on our Irlam, UK Based Plant!

Last week Libra Speciality Chemicals had 18 new signages of the rebranded logo and safe site instructions installed around our UK, Irlam site, with more to be installed next week.

Our new logo features a contemporary design, incorporating our commitment to Green Chemistry and environmental sustainability, integrated with the oval of our previous logo in homage to our long history. The colour scheme is shared with our sister company, Expac (Preston) Ltd, helping to create brand synergy with a consistent look across the GRI Group’s manufacturing businesses.

Installation Process


Final Result-signages all Installed on our UK, Irlam based plant









For more information about the rebranded signage Installation on our UK, Irlam based plant and the quality products that we offer please visit our website or get in touch with a member of our team.

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