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Libraquat PQ7 – Specially Formulated for Market-Leading Performance and Quality

Polyquaternium-7 (PQ7) is a cationic, water-soluble surfactant with excellent properties for personal care. In its first year on the market, Libraquat PQ7 from Libra Speciality Chemicals Ltd has already won over customers based around the world, thanks to its superior performance and quality.

Designed to give skin and hair a silky-smooth feel, PQ7 has a wide range of applications across the personal care market, particularly in haircare products. The attraction between the positive charges within PQ7 and the naturally anionic characteristics of hair enables it to coat hair strands with a thin, invisible film. This makes it perfect for use in spray-on, leave-in hair conditioners and detangling products, resulting in smooth, soft hair that holds its shape, with a glossy finish.

We are also seeing a large increase in the use of our PQ7 in bath & body wash-off products, where the PQ7 leaves the skin feeling silky-smooth after drying.

Example applications for Libraquat PQ7

·         Shampoos

·         Hair conditioners

·         Hair-detangling products

·         Emollient skin cleansers

·         Shower gels

·         Liquid hand soaps

Formulated for superior performance and quality

Libra has optimised the formulation of Libraquat PQ7 to ensure that it provides both enhanced performance and market-leading, cosmetic-grade quality.

From a technical perspective, what sets Libraquat PQ7 apart from competitors is the specific ratio of highly stable monomers (acrylamide and diallyldimethylammonium chloride) used during manufacture. ‘There are other PQ7’s available on the market but their performance levels vary greatly. By ensuring the correct ratio of monomers in Libraquat PQ7, we can guarantee that our customers are receiving a highly stable copolymer that provides superior performance,’ said Kieran Price, Senior Process Chemist, Libra.

During manufacture, the process water is guaranteed microbiologically pure through the use of ozonation and reverse osmosis techniques. This, along with analysis using state-of-the-art high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gas chromatography (GC), ensures the highest quality standards of the finished, INCI-registered product. ‘Our testing is so rigorous that we can guarantee Libraquat PQ7 is free from all organic and inorganic contamination,’ said Kieran.

Partnering for success

As is true for all of Libra’s products, customers purchasing Libraquat PQ7 benefit not only from the quality of the product itself, but also from a bespoke service that is tailored to their particular requirements. Whether the request is for formulation to a specific viscosity (which can be met through careful control of the molecular weight during the polymerisation process), or to a specific quantity (from 25 kilos up to 25 tonnes bulk), Libra’s partnership approach offers a tailored solution.

‘As well as praising the quality of our service, our customers comment regularly on the ease with which they have transitioned Libraquat PQ7 seamlessly into their approval process, with no stability issues,’ said Richard Lock, Commercial Director, Libra. ‘By partnering with Libra, you are guaranteed market-leading quality from a UK manufacturer that you can trust, at competitive pricing and delivered globally.’

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